New Additions: June 3rd, 2024

I ordered these three cards on Mandarake awhile back. It’s the first time I’ve used Mandarake in awhile and I was thoroughly impressed by how securely they packaged these cards for shipping! (They were the only things I ordered so it may have been different if I had ordered other, bigger things, who knows)

I’m still planning on going through my whole, small collection in a detailed post but for now let’s look at these three!

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Tales of Heroes Twin Braces Telephone Card
A telephone card I’m currently eyeing on Mandarake.

Hi I’m Kirigen. I collect telephone cards. I first started in 2021. I want to preserve the history of teleca so I’ve started a blog. Wish me luck.

Btw, I’m not interested in QUO cards or book cards. I’m only interested in teleca.

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