New Additions: June 3rd, 2024

I ordered these three cards on Mandarake awhile back. It’s the first time I’ve used Mandarake in awhile and I was thoroughly impressed by how securely they packaged these cards for shipping! (They were the only things I ordered so it may have been different if I had ordered other, bigger things, who knows)

I’m still planning on going through my whole, small collection in a detailed post but for now let’s look at these three!

KanonTV Kazumi Ikeda Kanon Telephone Card (Teleca)
KanonTV 池田和美 Kanon テレカ

Sorry my picture turned out a bit blurry.

Nice t0 have the artist of this art listed right in the item description. Kazumi Ikeda, according to JP Wikipedia, was the character designer and general animation supervisor for Kanon 2006. Most of the official art I saw was credited to her so this one is no different.

I really used to like the pairing of Mai and Sayuri a lot so I’m happy to have this nice piece of them together!

Dragon Magazine 15th Maburaho/Full Metal Panic/Scrapped Princess Telephone Card
ドラゴンマガジン15th まぶらほ/フルメタルパニック/スクラップドプリンセス テレカ

I can’t say I have a particular fondness for Maburaho, Full Metal Panic or Scrapped Princess (though I read the first novel of SP and love the music of the anime) but I do love crossover cards so I couldn’t pass this one up!

The card celebrates the 15th anniversary of Dragon Magazine and lists the artists for each of the included series on the card itself. I find it a bit interesting that Yukinobu Azumi is credited with the art for Scrapped Princess when they only appeared to do the art for the LN (not published in Dragon Magazine) and the manga (which was in Dragon Magazine) was done by someone else. This may be the case for the other series as well but I’m not going to look into that right now.

Incidentally, I saw this card being sold on Ebay for about $45 while it is still up on Mandarake for 500jpy. Just goes to show how out of touch the Ebay market is on these things.

Okami-san and her seven companions Telephone Card
オオカミさんと七人の仲間たち テレカ

The most expensive of this order at a whopping 1000jpy! I love Ookami-san and so I wanted a card from this series. That the only one in stock had Otohime is just a bonus.

This art originally appeared as a magazine spread with a lot of text so it’s nice to see it without! I am unable to find the illustrator without making assumptions.

Oh well, very happy to have this one too!




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